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Giving Back

One of the important elements of working for myself is the ability to do some good at the same time. To help make the world a better place and to make a difference to someone somewhere.

And in terms of the culture of the business it has to be a fun place to be, something to be proud of and get excited about.

Sooooooooo.......... I am really proud to announce that The Work Bees will be part of the annual St. Ives Carnival happening on Saturday 9th July.

That is the fun bit and there will be singing and dancing and smiling and general FUN.

But how is that giving back I hear you ask.

We will be collecting for The Brain Tumour Charity as part of our walk with the bright and exciting floats. We are going to be there to collect your pennies and pounds and help raise awareness even further of this charity that is so relevant for our community.

Why The Brain Tumour Charity?

It is personal, having lost a friend to brain tumours in the past, seeing my sister's mother in law fight it, seeing another friend lose her brother to it and having been inspired by Sophie Morris and her family who have raised over £63,000 since Sophie was diagnosed in 2014.

St Ives came together as a community for this charity and to support Sophie and it has been amazing to see and be a part of.

As a thank you to them, I wanted to do just a little bit more.

I hope you will come and watch and enjoy the day, I hope you will spare a little for our buckets and I hope that demonstrates that any business large or small can indeed make a difference as part of their ethos and values.

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