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The Best Bits of Self-Employment

Making Wishes and Inspiration

Working for myself has been a learning curve, a big one and there have been many things already that I have picked up on or learnt. There are so many different elements to running your own business some of them brilliant and some of them really difficult and challenging.

I thought I would start two streams of blog, The Best Bits and The Worst Bits as I see them. I know these will resonate with others but it might also offer those thinking about starting out on their own route some level of expectation.

One of the best bits of being self employed is that I get to talk to people about their dreams and aspirations. I was very lucky this morning to sit and talk to a few different people about their ideas and I loved it.

People become animated when they talk about something they are passionate about, they sit forward, they move in their chair, their posture changes, their eyes widen and they smile.

You also get to find out how this world is full of people that care, it doesn't necessarily matter what the topic is, whether it be helping to feed someone a biscuit that is full of everything they need to start recovering from cancer or building a piece of software that saves time for a client because they are over-worked and over-stressed.

I love sitting with people and getting excited with them about what they do, seeing the opportunities for them, thinking through challenges, noticing their biggest concern is their own confidence and giving them that little push, creating a vision for brand or just listening to what they have to say because they usually sit in an office on their own.

Networking is for many a challenge that needs to be over-come because when it is the world is a little bigger and you are less alone. You find people with the same values, the same challenges and the same excitement in creating something worthwhile.

If you run your own business you are not alone, you are part of a community that will without doubt offer support, kindness and the laughs you need. And if you happen to sit next to me, a whole load of excitement about what you do.

If you would like to book a half hour session with me to feel inspired call me on 01223 782105.

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