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Why you should use Video Marketing

The more video you can get online to promote your business the better. Whether that be a 10 second demonstration of a product you sell or a 5 minute professional profile video.

Video engages your potential client and they are much more likely to watch a video than they are reading pages of text on a website. This is true both at work and in leisure time.

By 2017 - 67% of consumer internet traffic will be video so if you aren't using it for your business then get on board! Video is great for SEO (search engine optimisation) and Google is already placing video content at the top of their searches. YouTube is now the world's second biggest search engine and is owned by Google.

Video is very powerful, for many reasons - here are just a few...

It can display the features of a product you sell. For example, a potential buyer would rather see a car being driven, rather than a static shot.

You and/or your staff could be in your video, describing your business in more detail and how passionate you are about it, perhaps even showing your production process.

Video can make your business and you very open and therefore builds a relationship between you and the viewer. You are saying, this is who I am and this is my business. It builds trust.

I think business is changing and becoming more personal. Clients want to know about you and are not just impressed about what designer suit you are wearing and your sales pitch!

An online video has the potential of reaching millions of people across the world. Many video campaigns have gone viral, and once on social media viewers can like it and share it.

Once you have your video then shout about it! There is no point having one just for your webpage and not attracting attention to it.

Share the video on as many social media channels as possible. If you aren't on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.. then it's essential you join. If you don't know where to start then ask a local social media company to guide you through it, or they can even manage your accounts for you.

You can also create your own YouTube channel, which clients can subscribe to and then get an email every time you upload a new video.

All of these accounts can be linked back to your website, put your web address and social media handles on every video. You can also tag these posts with keywords so it's great for SEO and encourages more traffic back to your site.

Make sure you put these social media details on all of your promotional literature too, even pop up a poster at your business to say you are on Facebook and Twitter. There is no point having these accounts if your clients don't know that they exist.

If you wanted to, you have the option of paying for a targeted video campaign on social media channels. These can be very effective particularly as you can target the video to a particular age group living in a particular area with certain interests.

Lastly, be creative! A viewer doesn't want to watch a slideshow of all the different toothbrushes you sell and they also don't want a boring sales pitch. Make the videos honest, upbeat and engaging and they are more likely to hold the viewer's attention and be shared.

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