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Contingency and Complacency

Two major events have occurred in the last couple of weeks (actually I am sure there are many more but the media are forgetting to tell us about those), Brexit and England out of the Euros, much of a much-ness some might say but they seem, in my mind, to have some things in common which also relate to running businesses.

Firstly complacency, this country seems to live by it at times and I think our government and the English football team have shown it in full effect.

David Cameron has clearly admitted he was not expecting this result, the fact that there needs to be three months to decide who will take his place and the lack of a plan show quite how complacent they all were that we would remain but the British people spoke out loud and boy were we not ready for that.

The English supporters of our treasured team also seem to show complacency that we are English and therefore we must be brilliant at football....wrong. They were also complacent about how good the competitors were.

Secondly, where were the contingency plans!!! Where was the plan to act fast and communicate with the public about the Brexit result, why are parties breaking up in front of our eyes, why all the panic, surely all those that put the referendum into place must of thought of contingency planning... or where they just too complacent?

And as for the football, where was the contingency in the game, where was the communication and the alternative tactics in that game when it all seemed to be unravelling. Surely they plan other ways of turning games around.

I am certain there are many business leaders and owners who feel the same and would have done things differently.

There are certainly those who do have contingency plans and put them into action with immediate effect, albeit a little panicky as no one knows what happens now.

So big lessons for anyone with a business, don't get complacent with your competition or your business, keep planning, keep your eyes on the market and don't lose sight of where you want to get to and who can stop you in your tracks.

Also don't fail to plan, if things were to go wrong, which they often do, what would you do, how would you manage? Have your plans in place and communicate with your staff, if need be practise them (does anyone ever practise them?).

So all in all lots to learn this week from our great leaders in how not to lead.

Let's hope they have some better weeks coming up.

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