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Award Winning

I am excited to share that The Work Bees have been awarded a Scoot Headline Award, recognising the successes and achievements over the first six months of business. We won the National Bronze award for Service Industry Sole Trader.

The Scoot Headline awards are a prestigious business awards campaign to recognise and reward the achievements of British businesses, large and small. The awards are sponsored by SCOOT, the leading online business directory, which supports and provides search facilities for national media companies including The Independent, The Mirror and the Sun newspapers.

More than one million companies of all types and sizes were invited to apply for a Scoot Headline Award. To win, I had to tell the judging panel how our success stories could make headlines – hence, The Headline Awards.

The Work Bees as a newcomer and small business is delighted to have won this award as a result of a speedy start up and amazing customers, so it is fair to say without you all I would not have this award.

Thank you to you all.

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