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Going Self-Employed - Why do we do it?

Going Self-Employed is a really big decision for anyone to make, the risk for you and your family, the time you need to spend on making it happen, the money you need to invest in promoting it. So why do we do it?

There are a never ending list of reasons, some of them everyone will concur with such as being your own boss and not needing to answer to someone else and others will be more individual such as this is the only thing I do well.

I had a fairly long list of reasons:

I wanted some freedom in the way I worked

I wanted to be able to try the things I believed would work but couldn't get other people to see

I wanted to do something I loved

I didn't want to have to do what someone else thought I should do

I had something to prove to myself

But today I received a thank you for something that had not occured to me would be a reason why I enjoy being self-employed. I made a donation to a great cause as The Work Bees. The Work Bees paid for a place for a disadvantaged, disabled or vulnerable child and their carer to go to the Circus. To have a day out, to be entertained, to laugh, to gasp, to enjoy.

Yes okay, some might say I could have done this as an individual but I wouldn't have received the phone call and spoken to the fundraiser. I wouldn't have known about this Social Enterprise who make great things happen for people who deserve great things.

And I did that in the name of The Work Bees because The Work Bees will be about caring, and sharing and supporting. The business we create will be about fun and laughs as much about professionalism and growth.

Long may the opportunity to do something good with what we create last. And I wish the family we supported an awesome time at the Circus.


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