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Music over procrastination

Looking back to my GCSE days, I remember being told that I should not play music when I was studying, especially not loud music. I wasn't asked, it was a fact. I would not be able to concentrate.

However, this week, for some reason I started to play some music whilst I was plugging away on a creative piece of work and it really helped me to keep my focus, in fact, I sort of disappeared into the project and the music and worked more quickly and efficiently.

It happened that I was asked, 'Can you concentrate whilst that is on?' and the answer is very much a yes.

Then this morning, whilst driving to the office, one of my favourite songs Mika's Grace Kelly was on and I was singing away at the top of my voice and it invigorated me and made me ready for the office, being up beat and ready to tackle whatever the day brought my way.

That made me think about the power and importance of music for the individual working alone.

We procrastinate, it is human nature to avoid something that seems challenging or slightly out of our comfort zone but music can really help you get your head in gear.

Write your to dos, prioritise and then get some good background music on whilst you work your way through that never ending checklist.

I would also recommend to homeworkers turning up the radio and singing along to a few good tunes before starting your day, nothing like being upbeat and raring to go, to start your day off well.

Obviously music is not always a useful tool, for example having a good tune on that you are likely to start dancing too might not work so well, wordy music can be a distraction but some good soft background music can really take you to the right mental place.

So off you go, you fellow sole traders and home based workers, get your tunes on and fly through your day.

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