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Another rubbish resolution or change for the good?

Why do we do it? Every year we do it, year after year and does anything ever change? Yes you have guessed it, its New Year resolution time again.


Whether we are committing to lose weight, get fit, find the perfect new job, have more holidays, remember more birthdays or just simply do more – 1st January is the time to start.

There will of course be some individuals who manage to commit and make a change for the good but many of us, say the words, mean them with all of our heart and soul and belief; but it’s just one chocolate, well it is raining, well maybe I can hack it for a bit longer. The 5th January, the 21st February, the 19th March.

Change is, for most, hard!! Habits are not easily broken, unless you are one those maniacs that are so damned determined that you manage it with ease.

So what is the answer? Is there one? Possibly not but there are certainly things that can help and support the change process.

It takes three months on average to secure a change that can stick, three months of hard graft and commitment. Most of us can manage a week or two, a few can manage a whole month and a small majority maybe two but nearly all of us would find it easier with support.

We have seen it with the introduction of Apps such as pedometers and calorie counters, even FlyLady supports you to have a cleaner house. They appeal to either our competitive mind or our need to be reminded. Some also appeal to our need to see we are making progress.

There are two tools in the HR world that I am very interested in as they truly assist in behavioural change in the workplace. Momentor by the team at Envisia Learning is one of them. A great tool that links to a 360° feedback tool. You learn how you could improve and then Momentor can be used to monitor, support, back up and track your progress in development.

In addition the new tool from Synermetric, Propel, which uses a similar set of supportive applications connects with other HR tools such as Personality Assessment tool Facet5 focusing actions and driving behaviour change.

These tools have been proven to support individuals in making long term changes to the way they work or how they are perceived within their organisations allowing them to make significant steps forward in their careers.

So, whether you are setting a new change to be administered at home such as exercising more and will be using MyFitnessPal or your trying to act in a more leader like fashion in the work place and are looking for a tool to support you, there are options and I have no doubt more will appear as technology allows us.


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