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13 Aug 2017

Why it is important to take a break when you are self-employed

31 Oct 2016

Having given you my top Best Bit of Self Employment, it's time for one of the Worst Bits. 

The BIG BOYS!!!!

Yep, you know it, the big companies and names that know to pray on the new, naive and happy to talk to anyone who notices them because they haven't seen it coming yet. 

For me there have been a couple of particularly bad experiences and I will tell you about them to save...

21 Oct 2016

Working for myself has been a learning curve, a big one and there have been many things already that I have picked up on or learnt. There are so many different elements to running your own business some of them brilliant and some of them really difficult and challenging. 

I thought I would start two streams of blog, The Best Bits and The Worst Bits as I see them. I know these...

23 Feb 2016

There is so much to be said about the people we work with, the friends we have, the colleagues we sit with for a lot of our days and the acquaintances we make throughout our careers. They help to shape us, they build on our experiences, we learn from them and we are impacted by their lives whether we realise it at the time or not. 


I can very honestly say I have worked with...

6 Jan 2016

Going Self-Employed is a really big decision for anyone to make, the risk for you and your family, the time you need to spend on making it happen, the money you need to invest in promoting it. So why do we do it?


There are a never ending list of reasons, some of them everyone will concur with such as being your own boss and not needing to answer to someone else and others wi...

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December 23, 2016